earthmovers and shakers of heaven
 breakers of habit and makers of change
 chaos drifting through twenty-eleven
 these are the days that the godlike arrange
 an order was called and rejected
 projected a battle of actions now lost
an effort has been redirected
time will be taken in spite of the cost
for the love of all nature and reason
and the reason of justice and love
things will grow and will die in their season
and the keepers will watch from above
who will own to the voice that now rises
in the minds and the hearts of the crowd
for all things that a history prizes
will be broken and spoken aloud
and the proud will stand by in the ashes
unintentional witnesses all
to the deadly results of the clashes
of the ones who decided that fall
was a far better fate than surrender
and who is this coward to question
who then is this nameless pretender
who washes her hands at the mention
of war


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